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About Us

As someone who lives in one of the worst traffic congested cities in the US, my associates and I spend ridiculous amounts of time in our vehicles driving around Los Angeles. My truck is a second home, like many of yours as well when you go hunting, off roading, fishing, or whatever you're getting into this weekend. One thing we all have in common is the desire to be comfortable, whether on your commute or on your vacation.

Upgraded suspension and shock absorbers are at the heart of that, able to drastically improve the ride quality of any vehicle. We want to provide the best options in the industry for your vehicle, in a single location, at the best price. We know we cant compete on price with other companies that sell everything under the sun, they can be the jack of all trades if they want, but they dont know suspension like we do.

The team at Shock Surplus have years of experience in the suspension and shock absorber industry, delivering expertise to our customers every day. If you dont see your vehicle listed on our site, contact us directly and we'll provide different packages available from our trusted manufacturer selection. Thanks for taking the time to read about who we are, I hope we can upgrade your ride soon.


Sean Reyes

Shock Titan



Tacoma roostin'