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Whether you have a work truck, tackling the offroad, or a daily driver, our massive shock selection will get you outfitted correctly. The large Super Duty trucks, with their diesel or gas engines, demand capable suspension to maintain control in all environments. There are a few things to look for when considering a shock;

  • Daily Driver / Workhorse - A comfortable ride is most important to you, but while you're upgrading, you want improved performance, ProComp ES9000 and Skyjacker N8000 shocks are the jack of all trades.
  • Towing / Large Loads - a hydraulic shock like the Rancho RS5000 and Skyjacker H7000 do the job well, giving increased control under load, significantly firmer than stock for every day driving.
  • Offroad / Trails - The fantastic thing about our shock selection in this category is that while giving incredible control characteristics off road, the ride improvement for on-road and highway applications will surprise you. Shocks like Bilstein 5100, ProRunners from ProComp, and Fox are premium shocks that willl last you 100,000k miles or more.
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