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Choosing shocks for your 2001-2016 Silverado / Sierra 2500 / 3500 HD

Now that the new platform has been on the market for a few years, we're getting more and more questions regarding recommendations for the best shock replacement on the 2011-2016 GM 2500 / 3500 Heavy Duty trucks. There's a lot of options out there (we provide most), and your buying choice comes down to the type of driving you do, how much, and your maintenance budget.

OEM / FACTORY / STOCK Replacement - I want that smooth ride back, mostly highway driving

MONROE REFLEX - These shocks are probably the best thing you're going to pickup for your truck in order to restore factory handling, but can also handle some heavier loads and towing in the rear. They are a monotube gas design, and can withstand some aggressive driving, Reflex is firmer than stock, but not in the uncomfortable sense. These shocks will last far longer than a stock replacement and much longer than Monroe OE Spectrum shocks (which we dont recommend)

BILSTEIN 4600 - The industry standard by which most other shocks are measured against, these shocks will outlast anything else on the market in most cases. High pressurized gas, monotube, these shocks ride firmer than stock, but soak up potholes like no one's business, and can handle towing and heavier loads with ease. 

RANCHO RS5000 - Long known for their shock prowess, Rancho's RS5000 hydraulic damper is a thick 2" shock more capable in the towing and workload department than the above mentioned, due to their firmer response and dampening. Feedback from customers makes us believe these shocks are sometimes stiffer than what drivers are comfortable with, so just a heads up.


TOWING / HEAVY LOADS / WORK HORSE - I use my truck for truck things.

RANCHO RS9000XL - One of the longest running adjustable twin tube shocks on the market, widely known for their convenience of adjustment. These shocks can be adjusted on the fly without removing the shock, to adjust between soft or firm depending on ride requirement. Many users report "3 & 9" - meaning a setting of 3 in the front (soft) and 9 in the rear (firm) for taking care of their towing, heavy loads, or other situations that put more stress in the rear compared to the front. 

BILSTEIN 5100 - One of the most well known shocks on the truck market, these shocks ride phenomenally well, one of our best selling packages. Not adjustable, but monotube with high pressurized gas, the Bilstein 5100 rides firmer than stock but still extremely comfortable. The high pressurized gas allows the shock to operate in its optimum temperature for longer, not only allowing for increased loads on highways, but also providing incredible ride through rougher terrain and potholed city streets.

PROCOMP ES9000 - Twin Tube, Nitrogen Gas charged, these shocks are budget friendly and get the job done. Firmer than stock, these shocks have no problem holding up heavier loads, heavier tongue weight for towing, and some offroad capability.



FOX SHOCKS - One of the leading manufacturers of OEM fitted offroad shocks right now, these are the shocks you always wished for during Christmas but never got because shocks are shocks right? Wrong. The Fox's aluminum body protects against everything the world throws at it, dirt, debri, mud, sand, snow - these shocks are heavily rust resistant, making them perfect for areas of high salt content. These shocks are rebuildable down the line by Fox or by a shock technician, allowing a brand new refresh of the shock, or even to be re-valved in the future for your exact needs. These ride firmer than stock by a noticeable amount, meant for more aggressive situations and offroad terrain for superb control. Reservoir options are available for long extended periods of aggressive driving, to ensure shock fluid optimal temperature within the shock, no cavitation, and added travel.

BILSTEIN 5100 - For the weekend warrior who offroads, but still sticks to highways, normal roads, and their commute during the week. These shocks still provide exceptional control offroad, while giving a great ride on the highway.

KING SHOCKS - The offroad kings, literally. Most suspension setups that you see on trophy trucks in the desert are running King bypass setups, for good reason. Long ago proven to have incredible technology and components, these shocks will outlast your vehicle in most cases. Custom order only, contact us directly for inquiries and specific needs. 714-485-5266