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Rancho Shocks


Rancho is back with their spring 2017 rebate promotion (ending August 31st, 2017), handing out shocks for free once again! Check out the latest promotion, and equip your truck with some new shocks after that long summer on those old and worn dampers!

  • 4 x RS9000XL Shocks, you get back $100 from Rancho

  • 4 x RS7000MT Shocks, you get back $75 from Rancho

  • 4 x RS5000 Shocks, you get back $50 from Rancho

  • 2 x Quicklift Struts + 2 RS9000XL Shocks, you get back $125 from Rancho



Quicklift Leveling Struts have enabled every day customers to easily and quickly change out their front strut and coil spring suspension, without the need of complicated tools or coil spring compressors. These Quicklift struts come with lifted coil springs installed, which will level out your vehicle without the need of any other hardware.

The Rancho RS5000 shocks are your OEM replacement workhorse, and recently upgraded to include Nitrogen Gas, can handle a wide variety of conditions and situations. If you're looking for a decent all around shock for an affordable price, these are hard to beat.

The RS7000MT Monotube shocks are probably some of the smoothest riding shocks that Rancho makes. High Pressure nitrogen gas powered enables these shocks to significantly improve a factory ride. These shocks can handle it all, towing, offroad, winches, snow plows, heavy loads, without missing a beat. Put these shocks on your vehicle if you want to set it and forget it.

The RS9000XL shocks are Rancho's flagship product, providing a full range of ride comfort and dynamic load adjustment. The 9 different settings allow the shock to be ready for heavy loads, towing, or any other situation you find yourself in. 


  • Make a purchase of any 4 of the elligible shocks per Rancho's guidelines (found here)
  • Fill out the rebate form
  • Provide proof of purchase off all 4 shock boxes
  • Mail in

Full details can be found on Rancho's website, here

quicklift-installed-1.jpg quicklift-installed-2.jpg

quicklift-installed-upclose.jpg jeep-rs9000.jpg