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Rebate Promotions

Here you will find all of the available rebates for the product lines on Shock Surplus. These promotions and rebates are done through the manufacturer, and each manufacturer has specific terms and rules for their rebates, please read through carefully when considering a rebate.

Take Advantage of These Rebates!

The best thing about spending a pretty penny on your car upgrades is the fact that rebates exist in this world, and at Shock Surplus we offer the best of them. You want your car to look and drive like a well oiled machine, but you don’t want each purchase to wear out your wallet. It’s about time you're rewarded with all the money you spend on your vehicle. For us, it’s not about maxing out your budget, but it’s about quality and buying smart.

When we decided to share all of the manufacturer rebates we could with our customers, we realized that a little of that went a long way. You'll love all the rebates we’ve got lined up so you can get more for your money. We’re here to help you reach your extreme off-roading and on-roading goals with high-quality parts that stand by their promise. All manufacturer's that we carry provide a 1 year warranty at the minimum for their parts.

Building the best support system for your vehicle can get a little pricey, but below are some brands you can get some cash-back rebates on. Finally, make your purchase with a smile on your face and maybe pick up an extra treat for yourself.

  • The Skyjacker Suspension and Shocks rebate lasts until the end of May. If you purchase any four Skyjacker Black MAX, Hydro or Nitro shocks, you’ll receive $35 cash-back with your mail-in form. If you’re leaning towards more premium Monotube shocks, you can also get a $55 rebate for these when you buy four.

  • Rancho is giving you a run for your money with this set of Visa prepaid card rebates starting at $50 up to $300. From now until the last day of June, you can get major cash back on lift kits, shocks, suspension upgrades and more. Check out our rebates page for specific part numbers to see which sets qualify here.

  • KYB Shocks rebate offers between $40 and $80 off when you buy certain combinations of shocks or struts. Get creative with this brand and the flexibility you have to try any shocks or struts you’ve been curious about.

  • The Koni Shocks rebate will give you up to $70 back when you buy any set of four shocks or a suspension kit of your choice. This rebate lasts until the end of March.

We’ve got you covered well into the spring with these rebates, so happy shopping! We can’t wait to see what your vehicle looks like when you share your photos with us on Instagram (@shocksurplus).





KYB Shocks and Struts




 KONI Shocks & Struts