Crawling and Cruising at Easter Jeep Safari

Crawling and Cruising at Easter Jeep Safari

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Moab is a mecca of adventure for all types; offroad enthusiast, mountain bikers, runners, river kids, families, fishermen, photographers, etc. The surrounding lands of the Moab area are vast and unique in their own ways.

Easter Jeep Safari is a meeting of offroad and outdoor enthusiasts in the town of Moab, Utah. There's probably over 50 different trails within the area, ranging in difficulty from the typical fire road, to 10-20 foot rockwalls that some of the more extreme machines try to conquer.

7 Mile Rim

We were lucky enough to meetup with a crew in from Texas who were rolling some serious rigs. While we bounced around on the first day through the 7 Mile Rim trail, @14Stormtrooper and @Rubiclunk floated over the rocky terrain like it was a grassy knoll. I quickly realized I was in over my head trying to keep up. Luckily the guys were patient enough to check out some sights, crawl some walls, and gave us time to catch up.

The following day we spent in the surrounding park lands, such as Canyonlands, Arches, and Dead Horse State Park. After checking out Canyonlands, we quickly realized we needed back on the dirt and away from crowded vistas.

Shafer Canyon Road to Dead Horse Point

If there's one road we recommend to take while in Canyonlands, and you're not scared of heights or cliffs, and have a rig with some decent clearance, take Shafer Trail! This dirt road leaves directly out of Canyonlands near the entrance, and goes down to the canyon floor through a series of switchbacks and narrow dirt roads. Once you've descended the switchbacks to the canyon floor, the trail opens up to wide views, partially eclipsed by the towering cliffs above.

Whether you want a trail for the day, a spot for overnight camping, or a weekend adventure that can take you 3 to 4 days into the rocky wilderness, this trail opens the door to those possibilities. Shafer Canyon road connects to the White Rim Trail, which extends 100 miles around the mesa and sandstone canyon formations.

Metal Masher

After learning our lesson from day 1, we hopped in Nick's Wrangler to take on Metal Masher with the rest of the guys. Unless you're rolling on 40s or 44s, this is a slow going trail on some serious rocky terrain. Lots of hard obstacles are available to test your rig, along with plenty of bypasses if you want to take it easy. About halfway through the trail you'll arrive at a gorgeous vista overlooking the Utah rocky highlands. I would definitely suggest starting this trail early in the day so you have plenty of time to make it through during sunlight, the vistas on the backend are great, if there's light.

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