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SEMA 2018, The Aftermarket King

SEMA 2018, The Aftermarket King

SEMA 2018 was as wild as ever, the aftermarket industry is thriving so much that the convention hall has expanded out to 4 gigantic tents next to South Hall! All around the convention were free rides, whether in Boss'd out Mustangs, Ford Raptors, Bimmers, or Corvettes, drifting seemed to be the flavor of the week. The lines for rides were almost as big as the lines to watch the Hoonigans shred tires.

Over the past couple years 'Overlanding' has caught fire in the offroad world, and it seemed every other vehicle in the 4x4 hall had a rig equipped with roofracks and all the fixings.

The new Jeep Wrangler JL made a showing as well, with many of the top manufacturers getting their hands on one with plenty of time to outfit theirs with the latest lift kits and shocks for the show. There's some amazing products on the way such as Fox's 3.0 finned reservoir shocks, Rugged Ridge's LED fenders, Teraflex's lift kits and adjustable Falcon shocks and adjustable steering damper, and tons more.

While we come from the offroad suspension world, we are automotive enthusiast at heart, and thoroughly enjoy all the amazing machines that were on the show floor; BBS Wheels' simple but incredible Aventador, H&R's 1931 Ford, Seibon Carbon's track weapons the GTR and Acura NSX, and a bunch of others you can spot in this highlight reel.

SEMA 2018 Video Gallery

2019 Fully-Equipped Ford Rangers

Jeeps of SEMA 2018 Highlights

Overlanding at SEMA 2018

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