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Shock Surplus COVID-19 Update

Shock Surplus COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Message - We are open.

The Shock Surplus staff and team of experts have transitioned to a remote work environment, decentralized from our Los Angeles headquarters. We’re lucky to have remote-work as a cornerstone of our support operations.

We’ve increased the support systems here to provide more timely service to our customers and staff health.

Our shipping, warehousing, and other logistic partners are taking steps to ensure their workforce and staff are adapting to new social distancing and health best-practices.

Retail and walk-in service have been halted for obvious reasons; please use our free extremely-fast shipping, and stay safe at home.

During this time of public lands being locked down, trails and national parks being closed, now more than ever is when family and loved ones come first. Design those future road trips together, lay out some adventure goals, update and take care of that equipment.


  • Chad Taylor

    Looking for a lift kit that will support 35’s on a 2015 trd off road forerunner.

  • Greg SALERNO

    Please be safe!!

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