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New Jeep Wrangler JL Suspension & Shock Buyers Guide
As you can see, from Sport to Sahara to Rubicon, the shock absorbers gradually increase in capabilities. A monotube shock is an upgrade over a twin tube shock, there are less moving parts, there is a larger active piston for more consistent damping, and heat dissipation is better as the oil in the shock is in direct contact with the body, and the body will shed heat better than two bodies.

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Offroad Surgery on Pilot Rock Trail - FOX 2.5 DSC Takes Over
"I actually didn't think it would be that big of a difference between the shocks, but the ride is definitely a huge improvement." 

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Fox 2.0 Adventure Series - DISCONTINUED

Sometime this year, Fox decided to pull the plug on their 2.0 Adventure Series, and discontinue the entire line. No real reason was given, but we can imagine Adventure series sales were eating into both Performance Series sales & manufacturing manpower and materials. According to Fox, this line is being moved to their Sport Truck group, which is insider speak for BDS Suspension. BDS Suspension is owned by Fox, and they will be given the rights to this product line, to sell direct to consumer through an in-house program. Considering BDS does not currently manufacture monotube shocks, this leaves the...

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