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Toyota Tacoma ICON RXT Suspension - Long Term Review

This is a long term ownership review, checking in after about 30k miles of having the stage 9 RXT kit from Icon Vehicle Dynamics on our 2006 Toyota Tacoma 4WD. The kit was initially installed in July of 2017, along with Frontrunner Roofracks, and an A.R.E Z-series bed camper shell - all in preparation for a week on the road and a week at Burning Man. Long term usability of the truck as a mobile base was our primary focus, since this truck will likely stay in the family forever. There’s 220,000 miles currently on the truck. Previous suspension experience...

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Ride Review - Fox 2.0 IFP on a 2020 Ranger FX4

This is our Stage 2 for the 2019+ Ford Ranger. We’ll be diving into many different suspension combinations; changing out the shocks, control arms, leaf springs, and other parts. If you want to check out the first upgrade we did to the stock Ranger, see our Stage 1 writeup and Video. Shop your shock options: 2019+ Ford Ranger Shock Buying Guide Stage 1 Findings Going from stock shocks with a spacer to an entry-level performance shock like the Bilstein 5100 gave a great baseline on what kind of changes we can expect to see with future shock changes. Truthfully, some...

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Fox Shocks Frequently Asked Questions

Fox Shocks (Truck & Jeep) FAQ This is an assortment of Frequently Asked Questions that we receive around Fox shocks. These are mostly introductory and helping drivers establish a baseline of what to expect out of Fox. We dont get into the more advanced topics like spring rates, custom valving, or custom setups for race vehicles here. Do Fox shocks really make a difference? Do Fox shocks improve ride quality? One of the main differences noticed immediately when equipping Fox shocks on your vehicle is how much better the suspension will handle the every day bumps and irregularities. Potholes and...

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Fox Shocks Ride Review on the Power Wagon, Ram Rebel, and Tacoma

Since there were numerous team members currently equipped with Fox, along with Kingston’s Rebel, we took the opportunity to go get a feel for all 3 platforms. All three vehicles handled well with the Fox Shocks installed but there were some slight differences in the ride quality depending upon which type of terrain you drive over most often. 2020 Ram Power Wagon - Fox 2.0 Performance The 2020 Power Wagon has a new Carli Suspension 2" kit riding on Fox 2.0 Performance Shocks. The Power Wagon doesn't see too much high speed environments, but the Carli system can definitely handle...

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2020 Ram Power Wagon Update - Fox 2.0 & Carli Suspension

The Power Wagon got some new legs. The Carli Suspension Commuter kit was installed and taken immediately to the dirt. Fox shocks are one of the main components to this kit which establishes superior handling on a heavy duty vehicle like this. Immediate differences were noticed both in every day driver comfort, along with off-road performance on some of our favorite trails. Carli’s kits are known for their amazing capability, starting with their unique spring rates that match up to specifically tuned Fox and King shocks to match. Suspension capability improves as the shock systems advance; the standard Fox 2.0...

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