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Old Man Emu BP-51 Toyota 4Runner Installation

The installation of the Old Man Emu BP51 front coilovers and rear shocks are pretty straight forward. One part that may be slightly different from other brands, or non-reservoir setups, are the unique reservoir mounts in the OME kit. We’ve installed all sorts of reservoir shock setups on many different Toyotas, and no two reservoir mounts are the same. The front and rear mounting kits are also unique to the BP51 shocks, since the 2.8 inch bodies require special clearance requirements in the rear of the vehicle. Old Man Emu BP-51 Overview Compression Adjustment Rebound Adjustment Internal Bypass 3 Year...

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Old Man Emu BP-51 Tacoma Review

Before putting the BP-51 Internal Bypass shocks to the test, our ICON Vehicle Dynamics Stage 8 setup took the most abuse on the Tacoma, by a long shot. It excelled at taking hard hits at high speeds, handling abuse and unpredictable terrain, becoming smoother as the Tacoma went faster. Yes, race shocks get smoother as you go faster, its awesome. After thrashing on the ICON setup for 60k miles, it was time for a rebuild, and a new shock setup. Baseline The baseline for this review is 270,000 miles on the Tacoma, and 5 different shock absorber types. Factory TRD...

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Unboxing & Installing the Eibach Lexus GX470 Lift Kit

We’ve undoubtedly seen a massive increase in the adoption of more SUVs in the offroad and weekend adventuring crowd. The Lexus GX has seen a surprising rise in popularity, and Eibach has been watching. They have released their complete suspension system for the Lexus GX470, which sees up to 2” or 3” of lift in the front, your choice, matched against rear 2.2” lift springs to keep the vehicle level and to help carry additional equipment for your expeditions. Eibach Pro Truck Lift Kit 2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 E80-59-005-01-22 Front Adjustable Height Pro Truck Struts Front Coil Springs Rear 2.2”...

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Bilstein 8112 and 8100 New Applications

The release of the Bilstein 8112 & 8100 setup for the Tacoma back in 2017 lit a fire in the offroad industry, new technology in a compact package for the adventure enthusiast. Bilstein has heard the calls of “More applications please!” and are slowly rolling out options for other Toyotas, Lexus, and now Jeep models. Bilstein’s state of the art shock design and manufacturing here in the USA has resulted in one of the leading shock offerings for the below applications. 8112 Zone Control Coilovers - Independent Front Suspension (IFS) trucks like the Tacoma, 4Runner, and Tundra use these in...

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Tacoma versus Raptor: Summer Vacation Edition

While the change in vehicles might seem like a natural progression to some, or even an obvious move, it was anything but. Due to a string of unfortunate events at the beginning of our 2 week road trip, the '06 Tacoma with 260K miles started to show its age. The record breaking heat in the western half of the United States was taking its toll on aged vehicles, seizing pulleys, snapping belts, blowing radiators, and warping gaskets. The infamous words on the Toyota Dealership’s diagnostic sheet, "new head gasket", threatened to end our trip before it started. This is what...

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