Fox 2.0 Adventure Series or Bilstein 5100 Shocks? The Need-to-Know

Fox has arrived with their new 2.0 Adventure Series shocks, which are their entry level race shock, which is more budget friendly compared to their Performance and Factory series parts. We cover the “Fox 2.0 Adventure or Bilstein 5100???” debate that has now invaded truck and jeep forums everywhere.

Fox’s Adventure series shocks share the 2” diameter of their Performance shock lines, maintaining a great level of shock oil volume for optimal damping abilities. The adventure series do not share the aluminum bodies of the Performance and Factory series, so the heat dissipation doesn’t quite match their normal racing shock performance. This could be a concern if you plan on offroading your vehicle more than commuting or daily driving, but we believe the Adventure series is meant to compete with the Bilstein 5100, in price and ride comfort. Offroad ability still goes to the Fox part.



Body Size

Piston Size


Rod Size

Rod Material







Chrome Plated Steel







Chrome Plated Steel


Due to larger wheels, tires, heightened vehicle stance, and other accessories, lifted trucks & Jeeps place increased demands on a shock’s damping ability. When considering an upgraded shock for these unique demands, the Fox 2.0 Adventure and Bilstein 5100 series shocks are often put head to head.

    Both shocks are a monotube gas charged design, ranging anywhere from 200-300 PSI nitrogen gas charge, both companies dont reveal actual PSI numbers, partially because the PSI charge from the factory can vary. Both shocks are designed to fit factory mounting configuration with no modification, have limited lifetime warranties, and rarely blow out or fail (based on our real world warranty claims, or lack thereof).


    The Adventure Series are steel bodied shocks, same as the Bilstein 5100, and not aluminum bodied like Fox’s other shock series. The longer a shock can remain cool, and shed heat, the better performance it provides due to less cavitation of shock fluid inside the shock. Both shock lines are very closely matched in heat dissipation, while still excelling at moderate offroad terrain.

    The Fox 2.0 Adventure aren't billed as a rebuildable shock (ie Performance/Factory series), but due to the nature of their price, a rebuild on an entire set will run close to the price of a brand new set. Rebuilding your shocks usually only makes sense when the base level shock is ~$150+ / ea (race / performance level shocks).

    Bottom Line

    • Better Highway / Daily Driver - Bilstein 5100
    • Better Offroad Capability - Fox 2.0 Adventure
    • Build Construction - Both are premium level shocks with top quality components.