Pro Comp Suspension

ES1000 - Budget

The ES1000 shock is designed to replace your factory shock and optimize performance at a great value. Utilizing a 1 3/8-inch nylon-banded full displacement piston head and double-welded shock mounts, the ES1000 ensures strength and long-lasting durability.

ES3000 - OE Replacement / On-Road

The twin-tube cellular gas design of the ES3000 is engineered to substantially improve driving comfort and performance both on and off the road. The large 5/8-inch chrome hardened piston rod and unique Teflon rebound stop delivers a comfortable highway ride and the ability to handle the most demanding driving conditions.

ES9000 - OE Gas Upgrade / On-Road / Off-Road

This is the ultimate nitrogen gas-charged shock absorber. With its twin tube design and 10-stage, velocity-sensitive valving, the ES9000 not only delivers a smooth, comfortable highway ride, but it also enhances off-road handling and performance. Engineered for enthusiasts who find themselves in the most demanding driving conditions.

ProRunner - Premium Gas / On / Off-Road Performance

The gas-charged, monotube design of Pro Comp’s Pro Runner shocks delivers superior performance over traditional twin-tube, hydraulic shocks due to improved cooling and larger piston surface area. The brushed, zinc plated, clear coated, monotube shock body is nitrogen gas charged to eliminate performance-robbing cavitation during compression and rebound.

MX-6 - Premium Adjustable / Workloads / Hauling

Each MX6 shock is precision engineered and custom valved for your vehicle. Further refinement is available via the six-way adjustable external knob to fine tune the damping for your specific needs. The MX6’s inverted mounting design reduces unsprung weight and protects the shock body from damage.

Black Series - Race-level Performance / Off-Road Tuning

The Black Series are the most advanced shocks that Pro Comp has ever offered, providing superior performance both on-road and off. Top-of-the-line materials and hand crafted assembly result in unmatched quality no matter what terrain lies in your path.