Choosing Upper Control Arms for Your 2014+ Silverado 1500

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UCA Build Material Joint Articulation Joint Diameter Adjustability Price
(Sealed Ball Joint)
Steel (Stamped) 68° 1.06" NA ~$550
Icon Tubular
(Sealed Delta Joint)
Steel (Tubular) 75° 1" NA $799.95
Icon Billet
(Sealed Delta Joint)
Aluminum (Billet) [Lightest] 75° 1" Heim Adjustment1 $1354.95
Pro Comp Uniball
(capped top, open bottom)
Steel (Tubular) 68-72° 1" NA $681.96
(Sealed/Greaseable Ball Joint)
Steel (Forged) [Heaviest] 80° 1.42" Camber/Caster Individually Adjustable at Ball Joint2 $629
Camburg Performance Uniball
(Capped Top, Open Bottom)
Steel (Tubular) 70-74° 1.25" NA $849
Camburg Performance X-Joint
(Sealed/Greaseable Ball Joint)
Steel (Tubular) 72-76° NA NA $699
Camburg Kinetic
(Capped Top, Open Bottom)
Aluminum (Billet) 70-74° 1.25" 2 degrees caster at heim misalignment spacers/Camber & Caster at heims themselves1 $1499
Old Man Emu
(Sealed/Greaseable Ball Joint)
Steel (Tubular with forged eyelets/ ball joint housings) 72-76° NA NA $548
Bilstein B8 (Sealed/Greaseable Ball Joint) Steel (Tubular) 72-76° NA NA $655
Total Chaos Urethane Pivot
(Open Uniball)
Steel (Tubular) 68-72° 1" NA $834
Total Chaos Steel (Tubular) 68-72° 1" Heim Adjustment $1094
Heim Pivot
(Open Uniball)

Note 1: Icon Billet camber and caster adjustment achieved by extending or shortening heims joints. Camber and caster corrected simultaneously creating some limitation in maximum adjustment.

Note 2: SPC has 7 positions for caster. There is a separate slide adjustment for +/-2 degrees camber.

Old Man Emu Upper Control Arm

Old Man Emu

Old Man Emu’s heavy-duty upper control arms are constructed of a tubular design with forged eyelets and ball joint housings. They include a high angle heavy-duty ball joint that is sealed and greaseable on both ends as well as their patented maintenance-free free pivoting GIIRO bushings. Although not adjustable, they are optimized for around 2” of lift with an increase of 2.5-3.5 degrees of positive caster and up to 1.5 degrees of negative camber.

Icon Delta Joint Tubular Upper Control Arms

Icon Delta Joint Tubular

Although billed as their more budget-oriented arm, the Icon Tubular upper control arms still feature Icon’s industry-leading Delta Joint ball joints. These greaseable joints use a fully sealed zinc plated housing with stout metal on metal internals combining the bind-free performance of a uniball with the durability of a ball joint. Their tapered and notched pins also allow for some of the most articulation on the market and the tubular arm design is relatively lightweight and decently strong. Even though they are designed for use with Icon’s coilovers and shocks, these upper control arms do have enough caster and camber built in to correct for higher lift heights as well.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Upper Control Arm

Icon Delta Joint Billet

Featuring an incredibly lightweight and bulletproof billet aluminum construction as well as PTFE-lined FK rod ends, the Icons Billet upper control arms offer maximum performance with relatively minimal compromises. Their patented Delta Joint heavy-duty high angle ball joints allow for smooth bind and deflection free performance and stellar durability, while the machined adjuster sleeves for the massive ¾” FK rod ends allow for a greater range of camber and caster adjustment.

Camburg Performance Uniball Upper Control Arm

Camburg Performance Uniball

Now featuring a sealed billet aluminum top cap for better protection from contaminants, Camburg’s newly redesigned tubular Performance Uniball arms offer race-level performance and durability at a more reasonable price than some of their other arms. By replacing the factory ball joints with massive 1.25” PTFE lined FK uniballs, these offer more useable travel with less bind and deflection for the most strength and performance in extreme conditions. These arms will not only correct for camber and caster on 1-3” lifts but will also improve your suspension geometry as well.

Camburg Performance X-Joint Upper Control Arm

Camburg Performance X-Joint

Although known for their race-level parts, Camburg is well aware that not everybody is up for some of the additional headaches that race-level parts require. To better serve daily drivers and weekend warriors they developed their X-Joint sealed, greaseable, HD ball joints for their tubular Performance series arms. These joints are lined with rubber so they may not articulate as freely and may have a little more deflection than a uniball arm, however, their design allows them to last much longer with less maintenance and operate with far less added noise, vibration, or harshness.

Camburg Kinetic Upper Control Arm

Camburg Kinetic

Built using the same massive 1.25” FK uniballs as their tubular Performance series arms, Camburgs Kinetik series of upper control arms use a lightweight 6061 billet aluminum construction and humongous ⅞” Chromoly FK heim joints to create a package suitable even for the most strenuous of race conditions. Out of the box these arms generally have up to 3-3.5 degrees of positive caster built-in however by adjusting the orientation of the misalignment spacers in the heims, you can see as much as 5-5.5 degrees of caster. Like any other heim jointed arm, you still can make more finite adjustments to camber and caster by adjusting the heim joints in and out as well. Although certainly not the quietest, longest-lasting, or most maintenance-free option, not many other arms will have as little bind, deflection, or overall strength.

SPC Upper Control Arms

SPC/Eibach/Light Racing Adjustable

Without a doubt, the most well-engineered ball joint style arm on the market, the SPC adjustable arms take a very different approach to providing performance, longevity, and adjustability that far surpasses their price point. Instead of using a more traditional tubular steel or billet aluminum design, SPC chose to use an incredible stout forged steel design. They definitely are on the heavier side because of it, however, the forged steel design allows them to build an arm that is nearly indestructible, in a shape that maximizes clearance and improves geometry through the entire suspensions curve. Boasting the highest articulation joint on the market at 80 degrees, SPC’s patented heavy-duty 36mm ball joint design is sealed, greaseable, and includes an internal wear spring that keeps constant preload on the joint to keep it tight even when the internal rubber casing begins to wear, allowing for the most useable travel on the market with the longest effective life. Depending on the application, these arms have around 2 degrees of positive caster built-in at their neutral position, however, they can be adjusted back to factory spec or up to 4-5 degrees of positive caster. They also offer separate adjustability for up to 2 degrees of negative and positive camber so you can achieve your desired alignment specs more easily and more precisely. They may not have as much strength at the joint as a uniball style arm, and they certainly will be prone to more deflection, however, their real-world performance and potential longevity are basically unmatched at their price.

Pro Comp Uniball Upper Control Arm

Pro Comp Uniball

If you need the performance of a uniball upper arm, don’t mind the added maintenance and NVH, and do not want to spend an arm and a leg, ProComp Uniball arms are definitely one of the best choices. Featuring a fairly strong, bind, and deflection-free 1” uniball and a simple yet robust tubular steel design, these arms will allow for excellent articulation as well as adequate alignment corrections for vehicles with 1.5-3” lifts. These definitely are not the pinnacle of arms in this list however they are more than sufficient for many of our more budget-conscious buyers.

Bilstein B8 Upper Control Arms

Bilstein B8

Designed to be paired with their B8 5100, 6100, 6112, and 8112 ride height adjustable struts and coilovers, Bilsteins newly released B8 arms feature much of the same high-quality components and intelligent engineering that lends such a long and high performing life to much of their suspension. These arms are built of robust 4130 Chromoly tubing and feature sealed and greaseable heavy-duty ball joints and polyurethane bushings to create an arm that is not only strong but with the occasional greasing, will last for many years to come. By improving joint placement, and pivot angles, these arms have the range to allow for increased travel over the factory arms as well as the caster and camber correction to get your alignment back in check after you have lifted your vehicle.

Total Chaos Urethane Pivot/Heim Pivot Upper Control Arm

Total Chaos Urethane Pivot/Heim Pivot

Many arms have come and gone since Total Chaos first started producing their tubular Chromoly arms however, their lasting power has nothing to do with luck. With 1” uniballs and enough caster and camber correction built-in for 1.5-3 inches of lift, these are a great bolt-in solution for more strength and as much as an inch more travel over stock when paired with the right coilovers. As standard these arms come with greaseable urethane bushings in the pivots for minimized deflection over factory however they offer the option to upgrade to ¾” Chromoly heim joints to completely eliminate any deflection and allow for additional camber and caster adjustment. These arms have been tried and tested on thousands of rigs for thousands of miles, so they are certainly a product you can trust.