APG Off-Road Ford Bronco

While we didn’t capture many of the Corvette builds, we did pay plenty of attention to the Tundras and Broncos. By far our favorite Bronco build was from APG Off-Road, sitting on 40” tires, a dual shock setup on all 4 corners from King Shocks, and custom fenders that are molded in-house at APG.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Toyota Tundra

Icon Vehicle Dynamics had our favorite 2022 Tundra build, even though 6” kits aren’t our thing usually, we are very much in love with their 3.0 CDEV shock system and other suspension components that are best in the biz. CDEV, for those unfamiliar, is the future of high performance shocks; electronically controlled valving determining how the dampers will react on the fly depending on speed, terrain, load, and other inputs from the vehicle and terrain.

AFE Power Toyota Tundra

AFE Power’s Tundra was also sitting pretty, built for overlanding and well suited for camping and adventuring with the rear gear organization and rack setup. That Tundra was sitting on sway-away front coilovers and rear shocks. AFE also had some other goodies in the work for the Tundra; new billet upper control arms, front tow hooks, and an anti-sway bar is in the works as well.

SEMA Overland Experience

Regarding the Overland Experience at the SEMA Show, there were many others in attendance at SEMA that shared similar sentiments that it was underwhelming.

“I hate the video I'm making… I’m supposed to make a video about this [Overland Experience], but it's just so… meh” - Popular YouTuber.

The exhibit was certainly reduced in size from last year, and it felt hastily put together with a lot of space available. With the grumblings of gas cost, and people cutting down on trips with their vehicle during the later part of this year (our own community’s experience and loose stats), it was no surprise that this section of the show, without paid exhibitors, felt unfulfilling.

We still had some things to say though! Awesome builds, and we like talking about suspension for Overland vehicles, because there’s many considerations when choosing an overlanding shock setup.

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