Shock Buyers Guides

The bumpy uncomfortable ride with your vehicle is coming to an end. The shock buyers' guides here are crafted for each vehicle, through real world advice, reviews, and experience. The massive shock selection that we have made available here at Shock Surplus gives us the ability to outfit every vehicle with the most appropriate ride control product. If you dont see your vehicle here, contact us for personalized service from one of our Shock experts.


Shock Guide - Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Shock Guide - Chevrolet Silverado 2500 / 3500


Shock Guide - Dodge Ram 1500

Shock Guide - Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 (Cummins & Hemi)


Shock Guide - Ford Super Duty

Shock Guide - Ford F-150


Shock Guide - Jeep Wrangler

Shock Guide - Jeep Cherokee XJ

Shock Guide - Jeep Cherokee (Strut equipped) (Coming Soon)


Shock Guide - Toyota Tacoma

Shock Guide - Toyota Tundra

Shock Guide - Toyota FJ Cruiser

Shock Guide - Toyota 4Runner

Shock Guide - Toyota Landcruiser