Eibach Pro-Truck 2.0 Coilover Install - 2019 Ford Ranger FX4

Posted by Brandon Sevestre on

  • Pros - softer overall, smoother on the highway, more comfortable off-road
  • Cons - looser handling, this negatively affected the driver’s towing ability and experience

Check out the full video of our Ford Ranger Fox 2.0 shocks review HERE

From Fox to Eibach

Looking forward, Eibach is one of the top contenders for light-truck 2” (2.0) coilovers, utilizing their mastery of the spring business and in-house shock program. We’ve heard good things, but will be using this unique opportunity to compare these two top suspension brands against each other.

Here are some highlights of the products and how they stack up from a technical standpoint:

  • Eibach rear shocks are shorter than Fox’s, who were long than Bilstein’s. We’re not sure why Fox decided to go with a slightly extended length shock, this negatively affects Rangers at factory ride height.
  • Fox’s shock bodies are aluminum, which dissipate heat better than steel. But aluminum bodies are softer as well, which means you cannot change the ride height while the coilovers are on the vehicle, with Eibach you can.
  • Eibach allows for a much greater lift height (+3.5”) increase compared to Fox (+2-2.5”), though we don't advise to go 3.5” of total lift unless you are completely prepared with other supporting hardware in your suspension.
  • Eibach’s Million Mile lifted lifetime warranty trumps Fox’s 1 year warranty.

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