Shock Service

Our shock service aims to make it as painless as possible to refresh your ride. We specialize in rebuilds of off-the-shelf parts. We currently do not do custom valving or tuning.

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Great Value

Save money by servicing your shocks instead of paying to replace.

Service Guarantee

Drive confident with our one-year service warranty

Fast Turnaround

Same Day Shock Service available for qualifying customers.

Why Service Your Shocks?

Your high performance dampers have the ability to adapt and last the lifetime of the vehicle. The design behind these shocks provides accessibility to the components, seals, oil, shafts - all of these components can be (and should be) replaced. Over time seals start to break down from heat cycles, or from pitted shafts that wear at the seals, causing oil and gas leak...

During service, you also have the chance to adapt the ride characteristics of the shock itself by tuning the different ride zones the shock goes through. Is daily driving too firm? Does the vehicle get too sloppy and loose under heavy loads? Do you not care about off-road performance anymore and just want a pillowy daily drive? All those points can be addressed with a new tune to the shocks.


Service (Fox, King, Icon, Bilstein)
2.0 Shock Rebuild $100
2.0 Reservoir Shock Rebuild $115
2.5 Shock Rebuild $175
2.5 Internal Bypass Shock Rebuild $250
3.0 Internal/External Bypass Shock Rebuild $250
Ford Raptor OEM Shock Rebuild $200
Fox 2.5 DSC Adjuster Upgrade $325
Fox 2.0 LSC Adjuster Upgrade $160
King 2.5 CD Adjuster Upgrade $250
Coil Spring Removal (Per Coilover) $25
Cleaning Fee $25
SDI E-Clik Reservoir Retrofit $700
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What You Get


  • Notification when we receive your shocks, and checking them into our service department
  • Video recorded inspection of the parts received
  • Pictures of final product packaged for shipment
  • Notification of outbound shipment

Accurate Turnaround Time

We aim for a 72-hr turnaround (Monday to Friday) from the time of receipt to the completed service and shipping of your package.

Service times are fluid, and we aim to give you as precise a timeline for service as we can. This will be based on the customer’s location, speed of shipment to Shock Surplus, and accurate representation of shock-condition.

Issues such as pitted shafts, busted hoses, bearing problems, etc. will have an impact on service, as those need to be ordered if not already in the statement of work between Shock Surplus and the customer.

Service Guarantee

One-year service warranty on all shock service (shaft refinishing required).

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Brands We Service

We are currently servicing the following brands:
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Shipping requirements

  • The customer is responsible for shipping cost to and from Shock Surplus (discounted rates available)
  • A cleaning fee of $25 will be applied for shocks that are very dirty. Ship your shocks back to us without springs. If you must ship the shocks back to us with springs, we charge $25 per coilover / shocks to remove the springs before we can service the shocks.
  • We will re-use your packaging to ship the shocks back to you. We recommend using a heavy duty package or plastic crate, which eliminates the chance of fallout and damage in transit. Please use a package large enough for the shocks to be shipped back fully extended.

Fine Print

  • Shock Surplus is not responsible for any contents that go missing during transit to our facility. We can and will send an invoice for missing hardware that needs to be replaced.
  • A total fall-out where one or more shocks goes missing is the responsibility of the shipper, and a carrier (UPS, Fedex, DHL) insurance claim is likely.
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