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Truck-Plus Benefits From KYB:

icon Complete Assembly

Complete Assembly

Already assembled with the correct spring, top mount and insulators required for quick replacement.

icon Tow Ready

Tow Ready

Towing, hauling heavy loads and plowing require additional damping and control capabilities. KYB Monotube shocks are a great upgrade choice if you are using your truck or SUV.

icon For Larger Wheels and Tires

For Larger Wheels and Tires

Larger, aftermarket wheels can add up to 25 pounds of additional weight to each corner. Original Equipment shocks and struts are intended for original tires and wheels, not larger, heavier ones. Truck Plus assemblies include additional damping over OE design and work well with larger, heavier tires and wheels.

icon Increases Steering Response

Increases Steering Response

Steering response is a critical part of vehicle safety. Worn and economy shocks can allow fluid to travel through the shock valves too quickly, this reduces overall steering response. KYB’s shock valves are designed to help restore steering response to what the vehicle manufacturer intended.

icon Adds Handling and Control

Adds Handling and Control

With a faster response and additional damping over OE twin-tube designs, KYB monotube shocks are a great way to give your vehicle additional handling and control capabilities.

icon Increases Stability

Increases Stability

With a faster response and additional damping, KYB monotube shocks provide more stability (especially vehicles with a higher center of gravity) when compared to traditional twin-tube shocks.

KYB Truck-Plus
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KYB Truck Plus Leveling Kit Assembly

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icon Complete Assembly

Complete Assembly

icon Increases Ride Height

Increases Ride Height

KYB Truck-Plus Leveling Assembly

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