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Choosing Shocks for Your Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler platform is the most versatile and widely modified platforms in the history of automobiles. No other vehicle on the planet can negotiate such varied terrain as a Wrangler. Whether you cruise around town in your daily driver, hit the trails on the weekends, or live life offroad, we want to get you the best Jeep Wrangler shocks possible.

How Do You Ride?

Choose your type of shock upgrade to see our expert advice:

icon factory replacement shocks for Jeep Wrangler Factory Replacement

If you're looking for a shock absorber to replace your worn out factory parts, there's tons of options, but only a few you should pay attention to. If you're a true Jeeper, those factory shocks are not going to last you past 40-50k, often less depending on your location. Our recommendations below are all Monotube design, which are proven to dampen better than off-the-shelf twin tube shocks (white can).

Bilstein 4600 Shock

Bilstein 4600

The industry standard by which most other shocks are measured against, these shocks will outlast anything of comparable cost, usually going 75-100k miles. High pressurized gas, monotube design, these shocks are excellent for Jeeps that do a little more than highways, these excel at soaking up potholes like no one's business, and can handle towing and heavier loads with ease.

Rancho RS5000X Shock

Rancho RS5000

Rancho RS5000X Nitrogen Gas shocks feature a 2.25” body and a 1.375” internal dampening piston. These same shocks are featured on premium trim Jeeps from the factory (Sahara, Rubicon). The RS5000X are a great budget option for a daily driver that sees the trails and mountains on the weekend.

KYB Shock


KYB shocks are the best option for drivers looking for factory replacement parts and ride quality. KYB has a few different options depending on specific need:

  • Excel-G - to restore how your Jeep came off the lot.
  • Gas-A-Just - an upgraded monotube shock, similar to factory ride but with more control.
  • Monomax - for Wranglers that see a lot of trails or rugged terrain, or carrying lots of gear.

icon Wrangler off-road trails Moderate Offroad

This is our most popular category for the Wrangler, beach, rocks, mountains, trails, creeks, donuts, duh? If you're off-road just as much as you're on road, and still value a decent ride on the highway, check these recommendations.

Bilstein 5100

The Bilstein 5100 is one of our best sellers for the Wrangler platform, its a zinc-plated monotube gas shock which is great for moderate offroad use at lower speeds, rock crawling, and other aggressive terrain. Our most popular seller, the 5100 series provides great control offroad, while still maintaining a consistent controlled ride on the highway. Providing firmer dampening over a factory shock, or the 4600 series, these shocks help reduce body roll, and resist fade, with exceptionally long life. These shocks are the go-to shock for trucks and Jeeps that are daily drivers and weekend warriors.

Rancho RS7000MT

Rancho RS7000MT

Rancho’s Monotube shock is an excellent all-around shock that gets the work done, while aiming to provide a great highway ride with consistent handling. Predictability and longevity are two important factors for a monotube shock, the RS7000MT excels at both while being budget friendly.

Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Shock

Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport

The Nitrocharger Sport shock is one of the best heavy duty twin tube shock available for a do-everything-Wrangler. Exceedingly durable in tough conditions, these shocks have incredible longevity, and their designs allow for the ultimate protection against offroad debris and obstacles. Designed in Australia for the outback, Old Man Emu’s Nitrocharger Sport shock is the go-to damper for offroad enthusiast and extremely rugged vehicles.

icon serious off-road jeep Serious Offroad

These shocks are for drivers who see a lot of dirt, trails, and mountains, who want a dependable long lasting shock that provides the best control available. There are many different brands available in this space, aimed at increasing performance of the Jeep Wrangler. Bigger wheels and tires affect ride quality through weight changes, heavier duty bumpers affect front to back weight, rooftop tents and extra gear tacked on to the wrangler will change balance; all of these changes make differences to how the vehicle handles, especially offroad in uneven terrain.

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FOX Shocks

The go-to offroad shock for the Jeep Wrangler. The numerous designs of Fox Shocks allow for unmatched capability for your Jeep, whether thats rock crawling, trail riding, overlanding, or blasting through the dunes and deserts. The Fox's aluminum body protects against everything the world throws at it, dirt, debri, mud, sand, snow - these shocks are heavily rust resistant, making them perfect for areas of high salt content. The numerous options to upgrade your shocks with a thicker body such as the 2.5 Factory Series, reservoirs, or adjustable reservoirs, all will increase the Wrangler's dampening ability going through obstacles big or small.

Fox 2.0 Performance Shock

2.0 Performance IFP Series

The most popular Fox shock to upgrade offroad performance and heavy duty use. Aluminum bodied, rebuildable, very high pressure nitrogen gas charged. These are great for Jeeps throwing on bigger wheels and tires, or Jeeps that see a lot of dirt, or carry a good amount of camping/offroading equipment.

Fox 2.0 Performance with CD

2.0 Performance Reservoir

Next stage in offroad performance, all the benefits of the non-reservoir option, but with more travel, and more longevity while offroad, no fade here! Adding a CD compression adjuster allows a firm or soft response, good for various terrain and Jeep loadout changes.

Fox Factory 2.5 Series Reservoir with DSC

2.5 Factory Series

Fox's top of the line adjustable shock product for the Wrangler, unmatched quality and performance allows your Wrangler to go anywhere and do anything. The 2.5" body holds significantly more shock fluid protecting against shock fade at medium to high speeds in hot environments.

King Off-Road Shocks

KING Offroad Shocks

KING Offroad Shocks provides tried and true offroad racing shock design, and they've brought that technology and R&D to the OEM space, giving a range of options for your Jeep or Truck. King and Fox are the two leaders in the offroad racing world in terms of team support and wins, both manufacturers have excellent parts made from near identical components. King’s quality assurance is unmatched, as they intentionally stay small as a company, to maintain quality and service standards surrounding their product.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics Shock

Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Icon Vehicle Dynamics offers 2" or 2.5" aluminum adjustable shocks for most major truck and Jeep models in a monotube design, with a beautiful matte finish. All parts are hand built in Riverside, CA, with exceedingly high quality components, based on non-stop real-world testing in the deserts of Southern California. Expect a more controlled ride with these shocks, reduced body roll on the highway, and incredible road feedback in all terrains.