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Shock Surplus Gift Card

Shock Surplus Gift Card

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The Shock Surplus Gift Card is perfect for:

  • Dad’s tow rig
  • The boyfriend’s truck
  • The fisher and hunter
  • The Jeeper and Off-Roader
  • Camping guru


Are there any additional charges for gift cards?

No, all Shock Surplus gift cards are sent for free via email to the specified address, and are exempt from sales tax.

Does Shock Surplus offer physical gift cards?

No, only virtual gift cards are available at this time.

When will my gift card be sent and arrive to the recipient?

If the date you choose is the same day as your purchase, your gift card will be sent within 24 hours. Otherwise, your gift card will be sent at 12:01 AM on the selected date.

Why am I asked for my shipping address at checkout?

Shock Surplus Gift Cards are processed through the same method and system as the rest of our physical products, so this is a required step. The gift card will be delivered to whatever email address you use during checkout. You can then forward that email to your gift recipient or use it yourself.

Are gift cards refundable?

Gift cards purchased during November and December of 2020 will have 6 months to process a refund. This is specifically due to nationwide shortage of inventory on popular applications. Any gift card purchased in 2021 are final and refunds cannot be given.

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