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Skyjacker N8000 Nitrogen Gas Shocks N8061

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Part Number N8061
Extended Length 29.800"
Compressed Length 17.270"
Travel 12.530"
Top Mount STEM
Boot Included Yes
Gas Charged Yes
Package Contains 1 Shock

Package Contains 1 Shock

You'll be getting one shock absorber.

Skyjacker Lifetime Warranty

Skyjacker Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturer limited lifetime warranty protects against defects and premature failure.

Factory Hardware for Installation

Factory Hardware for Installation

All necessary washers, bushings, and nuts included. Factory shock mounting bolts are reused for installation.

Product Details

The performance specific internal components of Skyjacker's shocks respond to the on- and off-road conditions instantly. Whether you are going over rough or smooth terrain at slow or fast speeds, the true velocity sensitive valving produces a stable, controlled level of resistance for better handling, improved stability, and maximum comfort. The technological innovations of these durable, long lasting shocks from Skyjacker deliver a noticeable advantage over the original equipment and other shock dampeners. Skyjacker's shock The performance specific internal handling and stability. They keep the tires in contact with the terrain and put you in control of the road ahead.

We have the entire line of Skyjacker products available, whether you want to upgrade, add a reservoir, or find something more affordable, contact us with any questions!

Year Make Model Drive Position
1979 Ford Bronco 4WD Front
1978 Ford Bronco 4WD Front
1976 Ford F-100 4WD, RWD Rear
1975 Ford F-100 4WD, RWD Rear
1974 Ford F-100 4WD, RWD Rear
1973 Ford F-100 4WD, RWD Rear
1972 Ford F-100 4WD, RWD Rear
1971 Ford F-100 4WD, RWD Rear
1970 Ford F-100 4WD, RWD Rear
2003 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
2002 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
2001 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
2000 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1999 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1998 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1997 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1996 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1995 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1994 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1993 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1992 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1991 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1990 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1989 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1988 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1987 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1986 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1985 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1984 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1983 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1982 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1981 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1980 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1979 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1978 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
1977 Ford F-150 4WD, RWD Rear
2004 Ford F-150 Heritage 4WD, RWD Rear
1995 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Front
1994 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Front
1993 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Front
1992 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Front
1991 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Front
1990 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Front
1989 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Front
1988 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Front
1987 Jeep Wrangler 4WD Front

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SKYJACKER® warrants to the original retail purchaser that its suspension products, shocks, and steering stabilizers are free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as that purchaser owns the vehicle on which such products were originally installed. Suspensions not used in conjunction with SKYJACKER® shock absorbers may void the warranty. Products installed on a vehicle used in any form of competition or racing are not covered by this warranty, and the warranty shall extend only 1 year on commercial vehicles. Warranty on tie rod ends, u-joints, drag links, and such shall not exceed 1 year. Skyjacker's rebuildable rod ends and coil-over shocks, both being made serviceable in design, are not replaced under this warranty, but rebuild kits are offered for a period of 1 year and can be purchased after 1 year.

This limited lifetime warranty does not apply to products characterized by one or more of the following:

1) Products that have been subject to abuse, neglect, accident, fire, improper installation or adjustment, and corrosion.

2) Products that have been modified or altered outside of or beyond SKYJACKER® specifications.

3) Products used in application other than those recommended in the current SKYJACKER® catalog or in the instructions accompanying the product.

4) Products that are used for competition or racing activities.

5) This limited lifetime warranty does not include polyurethane components, product finish, and any conditions caused by normal wear and use.

In a situation where a SKYJACKER® product is found to contain a defect in material or workmanship within the stated warranty period (unless caused by one or more of the above stated conditions), SKYJACKER®, at its option, will either replace the product or repair the product. To make a claim under this limited lifetime warranty, purchaser must:

1) Call SKYJACKER® at (318) 388-0816 for customer service to receive a return authorization number which must be written on the outside of the product's package.

2) Include the original purchase receipt (or copy) indicating the place of purchase,date of purchase, and amount paid.

3) An authorized SKYJACKER® dealer must inspect the product and confirm that the "Driver Warning" decal is properly displayed, and

4) Return the product, freight prepaid to the place of business originally purchased.

Each of these above mentioned terms must be met in order to qualify for warranty coverage. Freight charges, installation cost, labor cost, damage to related components, cost incurred due to down time of vehicle, normal wear and tear, lost profits and incidental or consequential damages are not covered under this lifetime warranty. If any questions exist in regard to this limited lifetime warranty, please write to:

Attention: Customer Service Department, P.O. Box 1678, West Monroe, Louisiana 71294, or call our office at (318) 388-0816.

This limited lifetime warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state. There are no warranties expressed or implied (including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness), which extend beyond this limited lifetime warranty described herein.

SKYJACKER® strongly recommends the installation of products be done by a certified mechanic. If this does not occur, be certain the person(s) installing the product read, understand and follow all instructions and warnings pertaining to the application before installation.

Installation of suspension lift kits or any other lifting kits or devices will raise the center of gravity. For this reason, SKYJACKER® urges that extreme caution be used when encountering driving conditions which may cause vehicle imbalance. Furthermore, the driver's field of vision and judgment will not be as good due to the height of the vehicle. Due to the installation of larger tires, the speedometer will read slower than the actual speed being traveled and more distance will be required to stop the vehicle. It is the owner's responsibility to caution and warn any potential driver of the vehicle about these driving and handling conditions. SKYJACKER® will not be held liable or responsible for damages or personal injuries resulting from the use of lifting devices and or related products. The tires and rims should be changed to sufficiently increase the vehicle's total overall width and stability to help accommodate lifting devices.

SKYJACKER® also recommends that the steering system on lifted vehicles be appropriately corrected to reduce steering stress and angles. Once completed, the vehicle should be inspected by a professional mechanic including such areas as the steering system, brake system, speedometer recalibration, and clearance, for tire and suspension travel and tightness of all installed products. Every SKYJACKER® suspension kit includes a "Driver Warning" decal and literature explaining this information which should be read and understood completely before driving, and the decal should be placed in a position clearly visible by the driver and all occupants.

Most states have some type of law limiting vehicle height. The amount of lift allowed, and how the lift can be achieved, varies greatly. Several states offer exemptions for farm and commercial registered vehicles. It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to check state and local laws to ensure that their vehicle will be incompliance. SKYJACKER® reserves the right to make changes in design, materials and specifications as deemed necessary without prior notice and without assuming obligation to modify any product previously manufactured. Obligation or liabilities will not be assumed with respect to similar products previously advertised.

All Skyjacker® material is copy righted. SKYJACKER SUSPENSIONS® is a division of Lonnie McCurry's 4-Wheel Drive Center, Inc.

Warranty Contact Info:

If you have a warranty concern or question, please contact us

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