Bilstein 6100s vs 6112s for the 2021+ Ford Bronco - Lift Heights, Trim Details, Ride Quality

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They offer a large 2.6-inch body with thick 60mm pistons, providing a lot of performance in a package that won't break the bank. As a Tier 1 supplier of top-of-the-line suspension systems for many manufacturers, including Ford, you can also be sure that you are getting a part that is built to OE standards and will not require any unnecessary maintenance.

Unlike many competitor’s 2.5 inch shock packages, Bilstein shocks are built for longevity and durability, frequently getting upwards of 100k miles across many applications and use-cases.

What's the difference between the 6112 and 6100?

The 6100 front struts are the same ones included with the 6112s, so the two factors that matter most are whether a 6100 will fit your Bronco without a set of springs like what is included with the 6112s and, if they do, can they give you the lift heights you are looking for.

As alluded to earlier, Bilstein developed this package with Bilstein-equipped Broncos in mind, so if your rig rolled off the assembly line with a shock in any color other than yellow, you are going to need the 6112s. Both the HOSS 1.0 Hitachis used on lesser models and the HOSS 3.0 Fox shocks used on select Wildtrak models use different springs that simply do not fit properly on the Bilstein 6100 body. So although a heck of a value, you will need a Badlands or Sasquatch model or will need to source Badlands or Sasquatch springs if you want to use the 6100s.

How much lift can I get?

Where the 6100s tap out at around 1.6-1.7 of lift in the front and 1.1” in the rear of Sasquatch models, the 6112s can do 2.5” and 1.4”, respectively. Where that starts to be a concern is if you have a factory HOSS 1.0 equipped with two door, you will not be able to run any less than 3.6” of lift up front. From our testing, we find that anything over 2.5” of lift over a HOSS 1.0 Bronco and 1.5” over a Sasquatch Bronco will likely require an aftermarket upper control arm to get it aligned back within spec. These are by no means long enough to cause contact with the stock uppers, so you can avoid that upgrade by keeping lift minimal if possible.

6100 Shocks (No Springs) Lift Heights

Circlip Sasquatch Front Sasquatch Rear Badlands Front Badlands Rear
#6 1.6” 1.1” 2.3” 1.9”
#5 1.3” 0.9” 2.0” 1.7”
#4 1.0” 0.7” 1.7” 1.5”
#3 0.6” 0.5” 1.3” 1.2”
#2 0.3” 0.3” 1.0” 1.0”
#1 Factory Factory 0.7” 0.8”

6112 Shocks & Springs Lift Heights

Circlip With Sasquatch Package Badlands w/o Sasquatch w/o Sasquatch w/o Badlands
4 Door 2 Door 4 Door 2 Door 4 Door 2 Door
#6 1.7” 2.1” 3.0” 3.4” 3.4” Do not use
#5 1.3” 1.8” 2.7” 3.1” 3.1” Do not use
#4 1.0” 1.5” 2.4” 2.8” 2.8” Do not use
#3 0.7” 1.2” 2.0” 2.6” 2.5” Do not use
#2 0.3” 0.9” 1.7” 2.3” 2.2” Do not use
#1 Factory 0.6” 1.4” 2.0” 1.9” 3.6”
Bilstein 6112 Lift Heights for the Ford Bronco

What else do I need to know?

As with any other 6112, Bilstein does not send these parts out fully assembled, meaning they will require the use of a spring compressor before installation. We have been assembling 6112s by the pallet load for years now, and we have finally done the homework to be able to source the mounts, bump stops, insulators, isolators, and just about everything else needed to build these Bilsteins into a complete strut. That means we take the guesswork and risk out of compressing the springs and adjusting these struts for you, so you can slap these puppies in just as easily as you would any other loaded coilover. The springs used on these struts are often too large to safely use your typical rental spring compressor from your local parts store, so if you do not have access to a good stand-up or wall-mounted compressor, you definitely will want to save yourself from the hassle, headaches, and horrors associated with compressing springs.

Not only will they be more comfortable, stable, and supportive than both the standard HOSS 1.0 and 2.0 dampers, they are just as low maintenance and long-lasting as the stockers. Whether you want the lift or the luxury of a suspension that does not beat you senseless, these Bilsteins get our seal of approval.

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