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The Eibach Pro-Truck 2.0 System is pretty new to the light truck market, just recently introduced within the past few years. This kit we’re unboxing here is the NEW NEW for the Silverado, just released by Eibach a couple months before this writing.

We’ve done a few shock installations on this 2021 Silverado 1500 already, so this here isn’t an exact step by step with instructions, you can find that on our RS9000XL install video. There was a little more confidence during the installation of the Eibach kit, since we knew this was the first kit we could adjust the ride height on, while the shocks were on the truck.

Both of the prior ride height adjustable shocks; Bilstein 5100, and Fox 2.0 Snap Ring, were on specified height circlips. This is the first threaded body coilover the truck has seen, so if there needs to be adjustments up or down, you can make that happen easily with the included spanner wrench.

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