Yes you could take the shocks off yourself, that’s not too tough.

But then you have to ship them. Oh wait, don't have a sturdy box? Ok better order one from Amazon. More time.

Did you give the tracking number to your service provider so they know when to expect it? You did, but there was a delay? More time.

Most shops we’re aware of are taking 4-5 days minimum to get shocks back out the door, others up to 3 weeks. How can you afford that time when the rig is your daily driver?! Ain't nobody got time for that!

This Wrangler JL came in for a drop-off; his King Shocks needed a refresh, especially one that had a leak. Typical service intervals on Kings are in the 30-50k mile range if you want optimal performance, obviously sooner if you like ripping around in the dirt and want no compromise. A bit of the squishiness was resolved through the rebuild, and the work is covered under our guarantee.

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