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More Power Wagon, Baby!

More Power Wagon, Baby!

More Power, More Bigness.

It wasn’t easy stepping into the full size truck realm when you’re used to being nimble in a Tacoma. Growing wants of more capability, mixed with the evolving needs of a family on the road meant we had to make a decision. Not to mention the obvious part about the Tacoma blowing a head gasket and being out of commission until an engine rebuild happens.

Narrowing down the options.

During our research for the next vehicle, we looked at all sorts of options ranging from the Gladiator, the new Ranger, F150s and Super Duties, and of course the new Ram HD lineups. First and foremost we desired more power than what we’ve been used to in a Toyota V6. Second of all, we needed room, both in the cab and overall gear capacity of the vehicle to make weeks on the road as comfortable as possible.

The third consideration, which has very much to do with what we’re trying to do here at Shock Surplus, is to move into a solid axle front suspension, which behaves much different than the standard Independent Front Suspensions of the more modern street trucks. Being able to swap out and compare a wide range of shocks will be much simpler on this platform, which should hopefully help out our Heavy Duty customers with more precise and real world feedback. Plus, power...lots of power.

We landed on the Power Wagon because its a great mix between the capabilities of a Jeep in the more technical terrain, along with the power of a full size with its 6.4L Hemi @ 410hp. Dual lockers, sway bar disconnect, great gearing, onboard Warn winch, all of these features make technical trails a breeze.

Big Power, Big Plans?

We’ll be playing around in stock form for a while in the Wagon, in order to establish a baseline to serve as future suspension comparisons, shock comparisons, and other comfort and offroading related needs.

Any mods you want to see on Big Blue???

Ram Power Wagon


  • Russell Parker

    If you change out the anti hop shock( I put in a Bilstein 5100), watch your fingers!

  • T

    Will 35’s and 37’s fit on the 2019+ power wagons without trimming?

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