Frequently Asked Questions About Falcon Shocks

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Are Falcon shocks any good?

Falcon shocks are designed and built by the team behind Teraflex Suspension. Teraflex used to run Fox shocks in their kits for many years, custom tuning the Fox 2.0s to their liking and ride requirements. Eventually Teraflex wanted to bring that expertise in house, and developed Falcon shocks to up the ante. Falcon shocks are a 2.25 body, compared to other 2.0 bodies on the market.

Which shocks are better Falcon or Fox?

This will come down to your ride preference, seeing as how Fox’s 2.0 shocks are softer overall compared to the Falcon 2.1s, you can make your decision based on what you want. If every day bump compliance is your main concern, Fox is probably the best bet. If a tighter handling vehicle is more of your concern, then Falcon is likely the answer. Thats not to say that the Fox 2.0 dont provide improved handling over a lesser shock, but the low speed valving is noticeably softer than Falcon.

Are Falcon shocks stiff?

When you’re talking Fox 2.0 vs Falcon 2.1, then its very subjective. What you call stiff I may call Controlled. By firm, some people feel speed bumps and potholes and its not squishy enough for them, so that is what a lot of people call ‘too firm’. When comparing the Fox 2.0 IFP to the Falcon 2.1 monotube non reservoir shocks, Fox is almost unanimously softer overall compared to Falcon.

Are Falcon shocks Made in USA?

Yes Falcon shocks are designed and manufactured in Utah, one of the top offroad destinations in the country, home to Moab slick rock, Monument Valley, and sand hallow.

Are Falcon shocks Rebuildable?

Technically yes they are, but you have to send them to Falcon/Teraflex to make it happen, they do not offer seal replacement kits.

How does the adjustability work on the Falcon shocks?

There are manually adjustable shocks, which come on this kit here (Truck Sport Suspension). And there are 3.4

Can the rear shocks handle any lift?

On most vehicles the rear shocks are good for factory height or up to 1.5” or 2” of lift, depending on application.

Do the front struts come pre-assembled?

Negative they do not.

Do I need new UCAs to run the Falcon sport system?

No you don't, their lift height is within the range of the factory arms.

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