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Toyota Tacoma ICON RXT Suspension - Long Term Review

This is a long term ownership review, checking in after about 30k miles of having the stage 9 RXT kit from Icon Vehicle Dynamics on our 2006 Toyota Tacoma 4WD. The kit was initially installed in July of 2017, along with Frontrunner Roofracks, and an A.R.E Z-series bed camper shell - all in preparation for a week on the road and a week at Burning Man. Long term usability of the truck as a mobile base was our primary focus, since this truck will likely stay in the family forever. There’s 220,000 miles currently on the truck. Previous suspension experience...

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Unboxing & Installing the Eibach Lexus GX470 Lift Kit

We’ve undoubtedly seen a massive increase in the adoption of more SUVs in the off-road and weekend adventuring crowd. The Lexus GX has seen a surprising rise in popularity, and Eibach has been watching. They have released their complete suspension system for the Lexus GX470, which sees up to 2” or 3” of lift in the front, your choice, matched against rear 2.2” lift springs to keep the vehicle level and to help carry additional equipment for your expeditions. Eibach Pro Truck Lift Kit 2003-2009 Lexus GX 470 E80-59-005-01-22 Front Adjustable Height Pro Truck Struts Front Coil Springs Rear 2.2”...

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Installing the Fox iQS

Intelligent Quick Switch allows on the fly compression adjustment to all 4 corners of the vehicle simultaneously. Through the Live Valve motorized base valves, the Fox ECU immediately changes how firm or soft the compression settings are for each corner of the vehicle. This makes a noticeable and significant difference in ride quality, comfort, and most importantly vehicle control. How easy? An in-cab 3-position rocker switch; Soft / Medium / Firm. This is all on top of Fox’s class leading aluminum shock design and performance valved shocks to tackle tough terrain while providing improved handling and road manners. Installation Video...

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Stock or Not, Adventure is Calling

There’s a First Time for Everything There I was, sitting on top of the summit of Imogene Pass, somewhere in between Ouray and Telluride in Colorado. Threatening storm clouds created an ominous vibe, the crisp windy air begging us to wear a jacket in the middle of summer, and the scale of such a dramatic landscape keeping my mind in awe. How did I get to such a wonderful place, 13,000 feet above sea level, when there isn’t even a paved road to get here? Surely I must have assembled a monster rig with huge knobby tires, heavy-duty body armor,...

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Tacoma versus Raptor: Summer Vacation Edition

While the change in vehicles might seem like a natural progression to some, or even an obvious move, it was anything but. Due to a string of unfortunate events at the beginning of our 2 week road trip, the '06 Tacoma with 260K miles started to show its age. The record breaking heat in the western half of the United States was taking its toll on aged vehicles, seizing pulleys, snapping belts, blowing radiators, and warping gaskets. The infamous words on the Toyota Dealership’s diagnostic sheet, "new head gasket", threatened to end our trip before it started. This is what...

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