What are Adjustable Height Struts? (Bilstein, ProComp, Rancho)

What are Adjustable Height Struts? (Bilstein, ProComp, Rancho)

Bilstein Adjustable Struts. You can change the position of the spring perch where the coil spring sits, and thus the vehicle's ride height, by placing a snap ring into one of multiple grooves located on the shock body. The lowest groove provides a factory ride height, while the highest groove provides a lift of up to 2.75 inches (max height varies by vehicle).

Adjustable Ride-height Struts

These kind of struts are designed to level out the front of late model trucks and SUVs.

  • Accomplished with a coil spring collar that changes between factory height and leveling height.
  • Bilstein struts have multiple grooves for the snap ring to sit, and then the coil spring collar sits on the ring.
  • These different options basically control whether or not the strut tower is preloading the coil spring, so when the vehicle sits on the springs, it settles less than if it was sitting on non-preloaded coil springs.
  • Preloadinig a coil spring to achieve lift means that the spring rate increases, and ride quality will be slightly firmer.
  • Still a greater benefit than spacers for a leveling kit if you do any offroading, since there is no compromise for droop travel for the shock tower.

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What are my options?

If you have a late model truck (past 10-15 years) equipped with struts & springs in the front of your suspension, there are a handful of options for adjustable height leveling struts.

Can I use spacers and lifted struts together?

Yes, both can be used together technically. It is not recommended to use the max leveling height of the strut in combination with a strut spacer, as this will push the lift height to 3-4" over factory height. Late model trucks should not exceed 3" without extended upper control arms, and going 3.5-4" in height through the strut tower alone will create a lot of maintenance issues.

Do I need new coil springs or will factory springs work?

Factory springs will work. Lifted coil springs will also work, but you should not exceed 3" of lift with the combination of lift springs and higher settings on the adjustable strut.