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Camber/Caster Adjustment Sleeve Kit

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Overview & Specs
Part NumberLift/LoweredPositionItemQuantity
23187FactoryFront UpperCamber/Caster Adjustment Sleeve1


These popular sleeves are widely used to adjust caster and/or camber on many Ford and Mazda 2/4WD trucks. To install, simply loosen and remove upper ball joint pinch bolt. Remove top snap ring if one is present. Use 77880 or 88830 sleeve puller to remove the existing sleeve. To save time during alignment, use 23199 zero degree sleeve to determine initial readings, then install correct sleeve. Note: Sleeves adjust to a smaller degree on Ford 4WD light trucks.

Series     2WD Adjust        4WD Adjust
Part #     Total Change     Total Change
23181 .25 degree        .20 degree
23182 .50 degree        .40 degree
23183 .75 degree        .60 degree
23184 1.00 degree      .75 degree
23185 1.25 degree      .90 degree
23186 1.50 degree      1.10 degree
23187     1.75 degree      1.25 degree
23188 2.00 degree      1.40 degree
23189 2.25 degree      1.60 degree
23190 2.50 degree      1.80 degree
23191 2.75 degree      2.00 degree
23192 3.00 degree      2.25 degree
23193 3.25 degree      2.50 degree
23194 3.50 degree      2.75 degree
23199 0.00 degree

To save time during alignment, use the 23199 zero sleeve to determine initial readings.

Adjustment range: Cam./Cas. ±.25 degree to ±3.50 degree
Installation time: .5 hr/side
Required: 1 per wheel

Recommended Tools
77880 - Sleeve Puller,
88830 - Sleeve Puller,
87175 - Special Socket


Check out our installation video for this part

Compatibility List
1990FordBronco II4WDFront Upper
1989FordBronco IIRWDFront Upper
2014FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2013FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2012FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2011FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2010FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2009FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2008FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2007FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2006FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2005FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2004FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2003FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2002FordE-150RWDFront Upper
2005FordE-150 Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2004FordE-150 Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2003FordE-150 Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2008FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2007FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2006FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2005FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2004FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2003FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2002FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2001FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2000FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1999FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1998FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1997FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1996FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1995FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1994FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1993FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1992FordE-150 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2002FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2001FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2000FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1999FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1998FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1997FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1996FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1995FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1994FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1993FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1992FordE-150 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2014FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2013FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2012FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2011FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2010FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2009FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2008FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2007FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2006FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2005FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2004FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2003FordE-250RWDFront Upper
2002FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2001FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2000FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1999FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1998FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1997FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1996FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1995FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1994FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1993FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1992FordE-250 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2005FordE-350 Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2004FordE-350 Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2003FordE-350 Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2002FordE-350 Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2008FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2007FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2006FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2005FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2004FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2003FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2002FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2001FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2000FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1999FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1998FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1997FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1996FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1995FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1994FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1993FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
1992FordE-350 EconolineRWDFront Upper
2002FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2001FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2000FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1999FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1998FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1997FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1996FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1995FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1994FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1993FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
1992FordE-350 Econoline Club WagonRWDFront Upper
2019FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2018FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2017FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2016FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2015FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2014FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2013FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2012FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2011FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2010FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2009FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2008FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2007FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2006FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2005FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2004FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2003FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2002FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2001FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2000FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
1999FordE-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2021FordE-350 Super DutyRWD, 4WD, AWD, FWDFront Upper
2002FordE-450 Econoline Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2001FordE-450 Econoline Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2000FordE-450 Econoline Super DutyRWDFront Upper
1999FordE-450 Econoline Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2017FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2016FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2015FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2014FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2013FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2012FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2011FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2010FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2009FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2008FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2007FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2006FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2005FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2004FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2003FordE-450 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2021FordE-450 Super DutyRWD, 4WD, AWD, FWDFront Upper
2020FordE-450 Super DutyRWD, 4WD, AWD, FWDFront Upper
2019FordE-450 Super DutyRWD, 4WD, AWD, FWDFront Upper
2018FordE-450 Super DutyRWD, 4WD, AWD, FWDFront Upper
2006FordEconolineRWDFront Upper
2005FordEconolineRWDFront Upper
2004FordEconolineRWDFront Upper
2003FordEconolineRWDFront Upper
2002FordEconolineRWDFront Upper
2001FordEconolineRWDFront Upper
2000FordEconolineRWDFront Upper
1999FordEconolineRWDFront Upper
2014FordEconoline VanRWDFront Upper
2013FordEconoline VanRWDFront Upper
2012FordEconoline VanRWDFront Upper
2011FordEconoline VanRWDFront Upper
2010FordEconoline VanRWDFront Upper
2014FordEconoline WagonRWDFront Upper
2013FordEconoline WagonRWDFront Upper
2012FordEconoline WagonRWDFront Upper
2011FordEconoline WagonRWDFront Upper
2010FordEconoline WagonRWDFront Upper
2005FordExcursionRWDFront Upper
2004FordExcursionRWDFront Upper
2003FordExcursionRWDFront Upper
2002FordExcursionRWDFront Upper
2001FordExcursionRWDFront Upper
2000FordExcursionRWDFront Upper
1994FordExplorer4WD, RWDFront Upper
1993FordExplorer4WD, RWDFront Upper
1992FordExplorer4WD, RWDFront Upper
1991FordExplorer4WD, RWDFront Upper
1996FordF-150RWDFront Upper
1995FordF-150RWDFront Upper
1994FordF-150RWDFront Upper
1993FordF-150RWDFront Upper
1992FordF-150RWDFront Upper
1991FordF-150RWDFront Upper
1990FordF-150RWDFront Upper
1989FordF-150RWDFront Upper
1988FordF-150RWDFront Upper
1987FordF-150RWDFront Upper
2009FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2008FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2007FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2006FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2005FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2004FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2003FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2002FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2001FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2000FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1999FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1998FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1997FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1996FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1995FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1994FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1993FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1992FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1991FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1990FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1989FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1988FordF-250RWDFront Upper
1987FordF-250RWDFront Upper
2021FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2020FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2019FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2018FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2017FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2016FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2015FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2014FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2013FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2012FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2011FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2010FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2009FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2008FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2007FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2006FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2005FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2004FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2003FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2002FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2001FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2000FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
1999FordF-250 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2016FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2015FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2014FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2013FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2012FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2011FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2010FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2009FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2008FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2007FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2006FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2005FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2004FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2003FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2002FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2001FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2000FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1999FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1998FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1997FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1996FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1995FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1994FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1993FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1992FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1991FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1990FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1989FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1988FordF-350RWDFront Upper
1987FordF-350RWDFront Upper
2021FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2020FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2019FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2018FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2017FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2016FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2015FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2014FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2013FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2012FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2011FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2010FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2009FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2008FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2007FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2006FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2005FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2004FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2003FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2002FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2001FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
2000FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
1999FordF-350 Super DutyRWDFront Upper
1995FordRanger4WDFront Upper
1994FordRanger4WDFront Upper
1993FordRanger4WDFront Upper
1992FordRanger4WDFront Upper
1991FordRanger4WDFront Upper
1990FordRanger4WDFront Upper
1997FordRangerRWDFront Upper
1996FordRangerRWDFront Upper
1995FordRangerRWDFront Upper
1994FordRangerRWDFront Upper
1993FordRangerRWDFront Upper
1992FordRangerRWDFront Upper
1991FordRangerRWDFront Upper
1990FordRangerRWDFront Upper
1989FordRangerRWDFront Upper
1996MazdaB23004WD, RWDFront Upper
1995MazdaB23004WD, RWDFront Upper
1997MazdaB2300RWDFront Upper
1996MazdaB2300RWDFront Upper
1995MazdaB2300RWDFront Upper
1994MazdaB2300RWDFront Upper
1997MazdaB30004WD, RWDFront Upper
1996MazdaB30004WD, RWDFront Upper
1995MazdaB30004WD, RWDFront Upper
1994MazdaB30004WD, RWDFront Upper
1997MazdaB40004WD, RWDFront Upper
1996MazdaB40004WD, RWDFront Upper
1995MazdaB40004WD, RWDFront Upper
1994MazdaB40004WD, RWDFront Upper
1991MazdaNavajo4WDFront Upper
1994MazdaNavajo4WD, RWDFront Upper
1993MazdaNavajo4WD, RWDFront Upper
1992MazdaNavajo4WD, RWDFront Upper
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