Eibach Pro-Truck 3-Vehicle Review Bronco / Ranger / Silverado

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We didn’t know what to expect, as the only Eibach suspension we’ve driven on were with lowered vehicles using Eibach springs or the Pro-Damper systems. So to see Eibach take really big steps into the performance shock game for light trucks and SUVs was a welcome addition.

Our 2021 Silverado 1500, 2020 Ford Ranger, and 2022 Ford Bronco are in the middle of their respective shock journeys - each of them is getting equipped with a progression of different shocks.

The Silverado has seen the factory Rancho shocks, Bilstein 5100, Rancho Quicklift & RS9000XL, and the Fox 2.0 Performance series.

The Ranger has seen the factory FX4 shocks, a spacer, Bilstein 5100, and Fox 2.0 Performance series.

The newest addition to our stable is the 2022 Ford Bronco, which started on the Hoss 2.0 package with the Bilstein ESCV shocks. The first upgrade (or downgrade) was the Bilstein 5100, then Icon 2.5 EXP (which exploded on us mid-test).

All 3 vehicles above then moved onto the Eibach Pro Truck Stage 2 kits at roughly the same time. So we sat down with the drivers and did a comprehensive review of the performance, the comfort, and everything else our customers usually ask when we test and review shock packages in the wild.

2021 Silverado 1500 Z71 RST
Eibach Pro-Truck Stage 2

The Silverado is mainly a tow-rig, family vehicle, and overall approaches terrain with a chill attitude. No whoops, no long travel, this is the diesel that carries things and has all the creature comforts needed when on the daily commute or long road trips. If you haven’t watched previous reviews where Jeff dives into the vehicle, catch them here.

Post-Install Differences

This truck previously had Fox 2.0 performance series shocks on it, using the 2.0 snap ring shocks in the front with factory coil springs. The max lift amount you can achieve with this setup is another +2in in the front, which Fox usually caps their 2.0 shocks at.

The Eibach Pro-Truck Coilover is a threaded body coilover, with new universal springs that can be adapted to specific ride needs (more weight carrying ability, different height requirements, softer/firmer response). Most people will not need to change these springs though, as a majority of drivers are looking for the available +2.5in of ride height gain, along with easy adjustability to that height if the need arises. Eibach also comes with a spanner wrench to make height adjustment easy, Fox does not include one with their 2.0 Coilovers.

Going from Bilstein to Fox, the ride went from as controlled as it gets, to a much softer and bump-compliant ride. Similar in nature to how soft the factory Rancho was on compression, Fox kept great ride quality, but improved on the handling aspect through better rebound valving - less slop up driveways, speed bumps, and highway joints.

After installing the Eibach Stage 2 kit on the Silverado, there were some immediate differences realized. The ride wasn’t as soft as Fox, and not as firm as Bilstein. The Eibach Pro-Truck coilovers still provide good bump compliance on speed bumps and driveways, while maintaining composure as well as Bilstein. The Eibach ride quality is definitely in that sweet spot between too soft and too firm, Jeff likes it a lot.

In terms of off-road performance and comfort, the same sentiment applies here - trail chatter and rocky terrain is subdued quite a bit, but once again - not as soft as Fox. You could almost think about what forest service roads feel like on 50psi tires (Bilstein) vs 35psi (Eibach) vs 25psi (Fox) - all in terms of bump compliance / softness and handling performance.

This Silverado isn’t rampaging around like our Bronco, so high speed performance isn’t really a concern, but this truck was able to smash through our normal lines in Johnson Valley without much trouble, and without shock fade.

2022 Ford Bronco Sasquatch
Eibach Pro-Truck Stage 2

Experience So Far

The Bronco has gone from factory Bilstein ESCV Hoss 2.0 shocks to Bilstein 5100, Icon EXP 2.5, then to the set of 4 Eibach Coilovers. This progression of shocks has resulted in large swings of ride quality differences.

Where the ESCV shocks were extra firm and performance oriented, the Bilstein 5100s went the other direction in almost being too soft for the Bronco on 35s to be considered a performance shock. The 5100s were certainly really comfortable on-road and on-trail, but they can't hold a candle to the ESCV in terms of all out performance.

When we installed and tested the Icon EXP 2.5 adjustable ride height aluminum shocks, that was short lived before one of the rears exploded on us. From that little taste of on-road ride quality along with some short stints in the dirt, the Bronco (on 37s) felt more like it did on the ESCV shocks with 35s - tighter overall. We were hitting 50-60mph in the moderately tough off-road terrain before our session was cut short by an exploded shock.

Eibach Ride Improvements

Eibach had just delivered one of the first sets of production coilovers for the Bronco, how fortuitous! Those went on and we were back in the dirt almost immediately to get a sense of performance - thrashing his Bronco is what Bowman does best. The Eibach Pro Truck Coilovers held up very well on the lines we take in Johnson Valley - reaching speeds of 60mph pretty easy, while also making the suspension work - this isn’t flat forest service ground!

The Bronco sitting on 37in tires requires a certain amount of damping to control that much unsprung weight (approx 120lbs each corner), the Eibach setup does cut it - but doesn’t quite excel at it. We learned this from the brief stint we had on the Icon shocks pre-Eibach, and then at the time of this writing - a set of 2.5 coilovers that have improved handling characteristics.

2020 Ford Ranger FX4
Eibach Pro-Truck Stage 2R

Experience So Far

The Ranger started with the factory FX4 shocks, implemented a leveling spacer, and then upgraded to a set of Bilstein 5100 shocks to provide the leveling function without the use of the spacer. Similar to what the Silverado experienced, a big upgrade in handling and tow/haul performance, confidence through control.

After Bilstein, the Ranger got a set of Fox 2.0, which was a huge upgrade in comfort compared to the tighter feel of the Bilstein. You can see the full review of that change here!

Eibach landed in the sweet spot between Fox and Bilstein for the Ranger, surprising and impressing the driver, who had no expectations for what kind of ride quality Eibach was delivering to the light truck market. “The sweet spot in the middle”

This Ranger got some special treatment in the form of the reservoir upgrade in Eibach’s Stage 2R kit, so we changed those shocks over on-trail for a true before-and-after feel.

“I didn’t expect to feel any difference, but we noticed an immediate difference in handling and traction in the rough terrain.”

How does Eibach compare against the rest of the field?

From our experience across these three vehicles and from other customer’s vehicles (Tacoma, 4Runner, Colorado), the verdict is pretty clear and consistent - Eibach holds a sweet spot between Fox and Bilstein in terms of ride comfort on-road and control off-road, delivers great handling improvement over stock, and can hang with the best of the best in the 2 inch shock crowd.

The fact that they’re delivering complete 2.0 coilovers to compete against Fox, delivering more value for the price (million mile warranty, included spanner wrench), and have a wide range of shock & spring kits that Bilstein and Fox do not carry, means Eibach is going after the light and medium truck market hard.

Eibach’s ride quality has surprised most of the staff here at Shock Surplus, since we had no expectations from a company that was mostly in the passenger car market for decades prior.

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