Rancho Quicklift vs Bilstein 6112 vs Fox 2.0 Coilovers vs KYB Truck-Plus

Rancho Quicklift vs Bilstein 6112 vs Fox 2.0 Coilovers vs KYB Truck-Plus

  • KYB Truck-Plus Assemblies

    KYB’s new Truck-Plus single unit assemblies come with new coil springs, new top mounts, and using their Monomax or Gas-a-Just monotube shock designs for a leveled-stance on your truck. These units use spacers on top of the assembly to achieve the lifted height. Going from a factory shock to the Truck-Plus will achieve the leveling height in the front, and improved handling and response.

  • Rancho Quicklift Loaded Leveling Struts

    Rancho Quicklift Loaded Leveling Struts use a lifted coilspring situated on a factory-height strut. This unit comes complete, ready to install out of the box without the use of a coil spring compressor. The strut has compression adjustment, controlling how firm or soft the struts respond to your terrain. There is no height adjustment for the Quicklift Loaded Leveling shock.

  • Bilstein 6112 Struts and Springs

    Bilstein 6112 Struts and Springs use an adjustable height coil spring collar, with factory-spec coil springs. There are 5-9 different height settings for the coil spring collar to be mounted on the shock, controlling the height of the front of the vehicle. The lowest setting usually equates to factory height, and the top setting will lift the vehicle a substantial amount in order to level the front with the rear, removing the factory rake stance. This unit needs assembly and a coil spring compressor for installation. Shock Surplus offers a pre-assembly service on most 6112 units.

  • Fox 2.0 Performance IFP Coilovers

    Fox 2.0 Performance IFP Coilovers are the offroad inspired performance parts. These units come with a threaded coil spring collar to adjust the height between factory height and 2 inches of lift. These units are ready to install out of the box, and can be used with various different lift kits that utilize a strut spacer (ProComp, Rough Country, Fabtech, etc). The Fox 2.0 coilovers are optimal for aggressive terrain, go fast attitudes, and inspired driving - these shocks provide increased handling and control, at the sacrifice of road comfort and 'plushness' for your daily driver.

Good for
Heavy Duty / Towing
Performance Oriented
Bilstein 6112 YES NO YES YES
Rancho Quicklift NO YES YES NO
FOX 2.0 Coilovers YES NO YES YES

The Bottom Line

The different options are for much different purposes in terms of vehicle use. The Bilstein 6112 is the beefiest of the 4, more capable and smoother riding in every terrain, excellent for serious rigs hauling equipment or spending a lot of time offroad and adventuring. The Quicklift is the most affordable and appropriate for a daily driver that sees occasional weekend action. Fox’s coilover is an entry level offroad product, being able to withstand significant punishment offroad.

Price points vary significantly between the 4 options, but do not use price as a quality measurement tool to determine the ride quality for your vehicle. Although the Bilstein 6112 is noticeable less than the Fox 2.0, we favor the Bilstein heavily due to the much larger shock body and active piston (2.5" body vs 2.0" Fox body). The Rancho Quicklift setup is great for a suspension refreshment on a budget, providing a lot of flexibility for many drive types through its compression adjustment range on the shocks themselves.